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Stress Free Dust Cover Rod

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The 'Stress Free' Ejection Port Cover Rod is our answer to the AR builder's age-old frustration: the hinge pin snap ring (C-Clip). How many times have you been installing the C-Clip onto the cover rod, only to at the last minute see the C-Clip go flying across the room into the deepest, darkest corner of your shop where all the metal shavings you put off cleaning up are scattered? Oh yeah, and it was your last C-Clip and the local gun shop is now closed! Well, it's happened to us, and we now have the solution. Warning: once you use the 'Stress Free' rod, you will never go back to a standard C-Clip rod assembly!  


  • CrMo Steel, swiss-turned, tapered & knurled rod, heat treated and phosphate finish (will not bend)
  • Made in USA


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