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“Polish Cinnamon” 4oz

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We go through a lot of CLP doing what we do, and wading through industry marketing and misdirection about what lube is hot today and why can be a daunting experience. Settling on an all-around lubrication that works in all firearms and across most realistic circumstances has been a multi-year challenge. Well, we finally found what we've been searching for, we've brought it to ZRODelta and US Optics, and now we're bringing it to you from the far reaches of Eastern Europe. Why? Simply, because it's the best stuff we've found out there, and it works. Period. This lubrication serves both our wholesale and our retail clients, because it gives both the opportunity to have some unbranded lube that really works, that also doesn't have the crazy margins of lubrication that neither we, nor our dealers or retail customers want nor should have to pay for. Like all of our products, this lube is unbranded, so although we call it Polish Cinnamon, it comes to you in an unmarked aluminum (2.7oz, 4oz, 8oz) or steel (1QT, 1GAL) can. So call it whatever you want, and throw whatever labels on it you want. The MSDS is available here. So, go ahead and make it your shop's own, or enjoy it on your garage bench for a fraction of the price of the latest over-marketed and overpriced CLP available at your favorite big-box. Cool story: We have an expensive commercial grade document shredder that runs on an oil that, frustratingly, can only be ordered from Germany. No longer do we have to do that, as Polish Cinnamon does the trick. Like us, we're sure you'll find an abundance of uses for it besides your favorite AR or pistol. The official lube of ZRODelta and US Optics, used in all development, testing, and production.


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