For orders with custom engraving, please allow 1-2 weeks for your order to ship. Custom engraving added to one part of your order will delay shipment of your entire order.

“Drop the Brand: Take Our Products and Make Them Your Own”

unBrandedAR (UAR) is a premier manufacturer of OEM AR15 components in Rutherford College, North Carolina. Our mission is to provide high-quality core components of the AR15, in great volumes, at reasonable prices, with unmatched client service, to wholesale and retail clients alike.unBrandedAR is not a brand; it’s a place. A place where clients of all types can acquire the ‘vanilla’ or ‘mil-spec’ parts of the AR15 in volumes both big and small.


We are a team of dedicated professionals who are absolutely passionate about the AR15. Some have served, some are currently serving, and some are just good, talented people. We believe in utilizing American manufacturing whenever and wherever possible. We believe in pushing the limits of technology and innovation. We believe that success is the intersection of hard work, meticulous preparation, and standards-based execution. Above all, we believe in quality, integrity, and the necessity of performance.


To our Wholesale Clients:


The traditional wholesale model of distribution within the firearms industry is changing, and we are out in front of that change. Distributors are efficient at selling complete firearms, but face an uphill battle selling parts: each part is associated with a brand and its perceived pricing structure; the parts must be individually packaged and labelled even when the part doesn’t need it; the pick and pack process is very rigid to accommodate a wide variety of products; and shipping, receiving, and order processing expenses are factored into overhead. As all of these realities add cost to each part, dealers understand that traditional distributors lack the efficiencies with parts that they enjoy with complete firearms. With parts, it is our goal that UAR will serve established manufacturers, the traditional brick-and-mortar shop, and home-based operations equally well, setting the conditions for each level of wholesale client to find success in this new market.

We provide our clients with a competitive advantage because we bring the entire package—from raw material to completed part. We add value by designing and engineering our own parts to known standards, deliver consistency through the leverage of internal manufacturing capabilities, and save our clients’ money through the time-associated realization of manufacturing efficiencies and utilization of robotic technologies. We target our products to the 70% market demand, ensuring our clients’ businesses maintain affordable, innovative, and quality products that will move during any market condition. Our dealer pricing is non-competitive with the retail pricing we offer on our site; we do not compete with our wholesale clients for retail sales, at all times offering at least a 20% margin to retail. It may not seem like that is possible if you’ve looked around our website without being logged in under a dealer account, but that’s all the more reason you should give UAR the opportunity to become your primary industry partner when it comes to purchasing quality AR-15 parts.


We partner with traditional distribution to do what they do best: distribute firearms! If our rifles are out of stock, it’s because we’re working hard to fulfill the demand of our nationwide distribution partners. In addition to saving $10 on the cost of each rifle, our distributors offer perks like terms and free shipping that we do not offer directly. We encourage our loyal dealer base to check out their preferred distributor for our complete firearms products, as it is to your advantage and ours to purchase our products through them. Here is a list of our nationwide distributors, which is growing each and every month! Sign up for a wholesale account today!:





To our Retail Clients:

By Retail, we mean our freedom-loving friends all over America who eat, sleep, and breathe building or accessorizing the AR-15! We serve retail clients mainly for the user-level involvement and feedback that keeps us moving forward and striving to provide products that arrive at the best intersection of price and quality. However, we do encourage our retail clients to purchase from any B&M, e-retailer, or home based FFL that carries a UAR product before purchasing from us. By doing that, you’re supporting the distribution network that supports us, and you’re getting a lower price. The retail prices that you see featured on our site are likely higher than the prices you would find from one of our dealers.

Regardless of where you choose to purchase from, each and every one of our products is built for the moment something goes bump in the night, so make no mistake: absolute and unequivocal performance is the standard we hold our products to. We utilize an intelligent mix of internally and externally-produced product, and expend our resources in the engineering, material provision, production, metal treatment, and/or plating of almost every product we offer. We manufacture most of the core and vital components in-house. Some of our partners are industry giants, and we use them because they truly are the best at what they do. Some of our partners are small, fresh, and bring a lot of passion to their products. These are the organics of the AR-15 market, and almost every single one of them is a Veteran-run business that puts a Veteran’s touch on our products. In either case, you will be satisfied with what you find here at UAR.

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To Qualified OEM Clients, or to Schedule Regular Deliveries:

UAR is designed to accommodate purchases from Quantity 1 to 999. If your company will purchase 1,000 parts or more of a single SKU in a single shipment, please contact for a custom quotation.

Because our pricing is so incredibly competitive and we aren’t selling cheap Chinese junk, we cannot always guarantee stock on UAR. Therefore, if your company desires 100 parts or more from UAR on a routine basis, we recommend you submit a purchase order to and schedule regular deliveries of the product(s) you wish to order. This will ensure we have adequate stock to meet your demand that is isolated from everyone else’s demand!


First, we treat those who come to our site and shop with us as CLIENTS, not customers. That includes everyone, from our largest to our smallest accounts. With that comes a pledge from one professional to another: we believe that we design, engineer, and manufacture the best products in the industry. If they’re not up to muster, we’ll take care of it, on us. So whether you purchase parts to build your own firearm, stock your shelves, or take them with you downrange, you’ve got to trust the parts you are purchasing, and we’ll make sure of that. Each transaction is a contract, so when you fulfill your end of the bargain, we’ll fulfill ours as quickly as possible. We only ask that you reciprocate that professionalism, and understand that we’re human and from time to time we’ll make a mistake. But rest assured, we’ll always make it right in the end and take care of you—or your customer.

Rocky @RockysGuns is both our founder and our spokeswoman. She’s a great choice, partly to change things up from how the industry normally works, partly out of necessity for our other business concerns, and partly because she’s a star for the 2nd Amendment. We believe in her ability to make a positive difference in our business and in our industry as a whole. Please reach out to her with any and all recommendations or concerns, as we’re always looking to improve our fighting position.



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