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AR-15 for Home Defense

Uncertain Times Call for Certain Measures

As we come into some of the most uncertain times in our Nation’s history, more than ever has the average civilian looked to arm themselves. From concealed carry to home defense, Americans across the country have taken to gun shops to purchase weapons by the truckload to protect their families. 


For concealed carry, the choice is fairly simple. Either an auto-loading handgun or revolver. However, for home defense, there are many more options since “on-body concealability” isn’t a factor.  While shotguns and pistol-caliber carbines are definitely choices to consider, we find ourselves quite fond of the AR-15 for home defense.  


The AR-15 is lightweight and hard-hitting. Especially when configured as a carbine, like our UAR-F, these rifles can provide significant force to combat a multitude of scenarios. Large magazine capacity, maneuverability, low recoil, and accuracy are huge benefits to defending your castle with an AR-15. 


Before we take a look at some of the attachments for your home defense AR, it is important that we note that “home defense” is more than just a gun, and there many more things to keep into consideration when using a rifle for home defense. This article will not be going over tactics/plans, but having a good plan for when things go “bump in the night” is absolutely essential. Ammunition selection and knowing what is beyond your target are two key factors to consider when building a home defense loadout and plan. 

UAR-F, 12in Rail, .223 Wylde

AR-15 + Modularity

One of the most important things to understand about the AR-15 is its modularity. The guns are easily configurable to fit a wide range of mission sets. Moreover, there are few guns that even come close to having the aftermarket of the AR-15, which means if you can dream it, you can build it. Additionally, the AR-15 is a great “pool” weapon, meaning that its modularity can allow it to be configurable to virtually anyone in the household who can hold it. 


Home defense setups for AR-15s vary from person to person, but there are consistencies that should be included in all home defense setups: 

  • Light
  • Optic
  • Sling

All of these items are essential to outfitting your home defense rifle and will aid you dramatically in identifying and neutralizing a threat to you or your family. 

Cloud Defensive Reins are U.S.A. Made! 

Weapon Mounted Lights (WML)

Arguably one of the most important attachments, a weapon-mounted light (WML) is an absolute necessity on a defensive rifle setup. Most break-ins where you would be at home to confront the criminal happen at night, so it is crucial to be able to identify your target clearly. 


Many weapon lights use a tail switch that allows for easy manipulation of the light without adjusting your grip on the rifle. For example, the Cloud Defensive Rein uses an included tail switch that offers both momentary and constant buttons, as well as a push-button tail cap, for use if the tail switch wires happen to get cut or damaged. 

The U.S. Optics TSR-1X is lightweight with multiple brightness settings that can easily be changed depending on your environment!


The world of optics on rifles has exploded dramatically in recent years. While there are many, many different optic setups you can choose from, the most sensical option would be the simple red dot. Red dot sights aid in faster and more accurate target acquisition than traditional iron sights, allow for a wide field of view and promote shooting with both eyes open.


The U.S. Optics TSR-1X  is a great, lightweight optic that is perfect for home defense scenarios. With a 5 MOA dot, the TSR-1X provides a very, very fast sight picture. 

Back-up irons are essential on a defensive carbine. 

Regardless of what optic you might choose, backup irons are not a bad idea for a defensive carbine. If the battery dies or the optic shuts down in any manner, you’ll still be able to defend yourself using iron sights. Magpul makes a quality set of irons, and the MBUS PRO’s are particularly rigid because of their metal construction. 

Slings are great for retention, and allow you to free up your hands while retaining the rifle. 


Often overlooked on rifle builds, a sling is a “must” when using a long gun for defense. Slings allow the user to retain the rifle when not directly in the fight, and also to prevent separation from the rifle. 


While there are a plethora of slings on the market, a fast-adjusting two-point sling is the most practical for a rifle. Three-point slings can be clumsy, and the way that a one-point sling falls when the rifle is dropped is less than ideal. 

Flatline Fiber Co. slings are made in the USA! 

Flatline Fiber Co. is a fantastic, high-quality sling that can be adjusted tighter or looser depending on what position the rifle needs to be in. Made with one-inch nylon and using an ITW Ladder loc for adjustments, this sling is a great recommendation for your home defense carbine. 

UAR’s M4 Stock has two points to mount a sling: one through the rear of the stock and a QD point forward of the stock latch. 

Closing Thoughts

The home defense scenario is one that most anyone with a conscience would look to avoid. However, in the event that trouble comes looking for you and yours, UnbrandedAR’s UAR-F is up to the challenge. While still being inexpensive, the UAR-F gives you optimal performance, while still leaving room in the budget for accessories. When your back is against the wall, UnbrandedAR is there to protect you and your family.  



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