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We are a small team of dedicated professionals that are absolutely passionate about the AR15 and the defense industry. Some have served, some are currently serving, and some are just good, talented people. We believe in small, American manufacturing whenever possible. We believe in pushing the limits of technology and innovation. We believe that success is the intersection of hard work, meticulous preparation, and standards-based execution. Above all, we believe in quality, integrity, and the necessity of performance.

unbrandedAR.com is owned and operated by Critical Capabilities LLC, which serves four distinct markets within the firearms industry: Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), Bulk-Retail (BR), Modern-Wholesale (MW), and Retail-Direct (RD).

unbrandedAR.com is Critical Capabilities' effort to better serve the MW and RD market-spaces.


To our Wholesale Clients:

By Modern-Wholesale (MW), we mean to say dealer-direct manufacturing. The traditional wholesale model of distribution within the firearms industry is changing, and we want to be out in front of that change. It is our hope that unbrandedAR.com will serve small OEMs (< 1,000 parts per year), the traditional brick-and-mortar shop, and home-based operations equally well.

We provide you with a competitive advantage over traditional-wholesale establishments. We add value by reducing the quantity/price matrix of AR15 consumable parts, create new products through the linkage of manufacturing partnerships and capabilities, and save you money through time-associated reduction of effort. We target our products to the 70% market demand, ensuring your business maintains affordable, innovative, and quality products that will move in any market condition. Our dealer pricing is non-competitive with the retail pricing we offer on our site; we do not compete with our wholesale clients for retail sales. It may not seem like that is possible if you've looked around our website without being logged in under a dealer account, but that's all the more reason you should give unbrandedAR.com a serious look as your primary industry partner when it comes to providing quality AR-15 parts.

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To our Retail Clients:

By Retail-Direct (RD), we mean our freedom-loving friends all over America who eat, sleep, and breathe the AR-15. We absolutely value your business, and we seek retail-direct clients mainly for the user-level involvement and feedback that keeps us moving forward and striving to provide products that arrive at the intersection of price and quality. However, we do encourage our retail clients to purchase from any B&M, e-retailer, or home based FFL that carries a Critical product before purchasing from us. By doing that, you're supporting the distribution network that supports us, and you're getting a lower price. The retail prices that you see featured on our site are higher than the prices you would find from one of our dealers.

Regardless of where you choose to purchase from, each and every one of our products is built to go to war, so make no mistake, that's the standard we hold our products to. We utilize a mix of internally and externally-produced product, and have our fingers in pre-production, material provision, production, metal treatment, and/or plating in almost every instance of every product we offer. Some of our partners are industry giants, and we use them because they truly are the best at what they do. Some of our partners are small, fresh, and bring a lot of passion to their products. These are the organics of the AR-15 market, and every single one of them is a Veteran-run business that puts a Veteran's touch on our products. In either case, you will be satisfied with what you find here at unbrandedAR.com.

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To our OEM and BR clients:

Critical Capabilities' core business is connecting OEM and BR clients that consume between 1,000 and 75,000 parts per sku/per year with both industry and non-industry manufacturers that produce or can produce quality AR-15 parts. Our carefully sourced products provide a tremendous value for our clients. If your company needs regular delivery of bulk parts at the LTL level within the OEM or BR market-spaces, please bypass unbrandedAR.com and contact Critical Capabilities LLC directly.


First, we treat those who come to our site and shop with us as CLIENTS, not customers. That includes everyone, from our largest to our smallest accounts. With that comes a pledge from one professional to another: we believe that we manufacture, build, and contract the best products in the industry. If they're not up to muster, we'll take care of it, on us. So whether you purchase parts to build your own firearm, stock your shelves, or take them with you downrange, you've got to trust the parts you are purchasing, and we'll make sure of that. Each transaction is a contract, so when you fulfill your end of the bargain, we'll fulfill ours as quickly as possible. We only ask that you reciprocate that professionalism.

Rocky @RockysGuns is part owner and our spokeswoman. She's a great choice, partly to change things up from how the industry normally works, partly out of necessity for our other business concerns, and partly because she's a star for the 2nd Amendment. We believe in her ability to make a positive difference in our business and in our industry as a whole. Please reach out to her with any and all recommendations or concerns, as we're always looking to improve our fighting position.

E-mail Us: Contact@UnbrandedAR.com